Get to Know Me

Christabelle Baranay
Founder and Lead Consultant

My passion is working to assist people in living the best they can, regardless of their circumstances. With almost four decades of working in visual arts, multi-media community cultural development education and art therapy, I bring a fresh and creative approach to dementia care and engaging those living with dementia and their carers.

For over a decade I have been working in the aged care sector, specifically with people living with dementia, mentoring carers and delivering staff training to organisations. I have worked in a wide range of advocacy, dementia support, education and consultancy roles in residential, home care and remote settings.


I have a strong understanding of the complexities of the aged care system and the challenges faced by carers in getting the support they need to care for their loved ones.

“Just as I’ve run out of options to assist someone and both of us are feeling a bit forlorn, Christabelle comes past and casually offers them a suggestion or comment, or hands them a crayon, or some such thing, which had been sitting there under our noses all along, and they are off again, happily engaged! I needed someone to show me what’s possible. Now I’ve learnt that anything is possible!”

-Sally, volunteer assistant, Aged Care Creative Expression Group.