Activities 101

Firstly  think about


  • the person’s interests and abilities, energy levels, activities they enjoyed doing when they were younger, etc


  • which activities could the person with dementia do on their own and which with some support.

  • provide activities that makes the person with dementia feel useful and contributing to the household or residential care.

  • Sometimes the carer may have to redo the task – but the person with dementia doesn’t need to know that.


  • what resources are needed and have them ready

  • where is the activity going to happen? Is it free from distractions? quiet? good lighting?


  • you may need to kickstart an activity. The best way to do this is to model the activity, or guide their hands to carry out the first action eg. put a paint brush in their hands and make the first stroke

  • don’t ask the person if they want to do something, act as if you are both going to do it and enjoy it e.g “ Betty please help me fold this washing, Mauve, join me painting, here’s your brush. John I need this tool box sorted; Pass me the bolts first.” If you get a refusal 3 times – try something else or try another day.

  • don't hurry an activity

  • be respectful and use adult images

  • use favourite activities as diversions if there are changes to behaviour

IDEAS - click on an image



Arts n Craft

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Get Active

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Armchair culture and travel

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Connecting with Others