Support for Carers

Caring for a person with dementia can be both rewarding and challenging.

Every person has the right to feel supported to live a fulfilling life to their capacity and situation.


Carers need to have the time to be heard, to be understood. They need practical tools and strategies to be supported as a carer.

The range of supports I can provide you with includes:

  • guidance in doing a KnowMeWell lifestory profile or Lifestory albums

  • ensuring you are getting the best out of aged care services

  • information and tools for realistic ways you can look after your own health and well being

  • specialised respite activities such as art therapy, reminiscence, life story work, bush outings, Montessori activities

  • developing strategies to enhance quality of day to day life

  • completing Advance Care Directives

  • understanding official terms and documents

  • connecting to relevant support services

  • managing complex behaviours

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Advocacy is another way in which I can support you to:

  • know your choices

  • speak up for your knowledge of what’s best for your loved one

  • have greater control over caring options

  • navigate My Aged Care

  • connect with resources to support you in caring

When I meet with you, some of the things we may talk about include:

  • your concerns

  • lifestyle changes

  • caring for yourself

  • support for coping

  • relationship changes

  • feelings of grief and loss

“As we become more emotional and less cognitive, it’s the way you talk to us, not what you say, that we will remember. We know the feeling, but don’t know the plot. Your smile, your laugh and your touch are what we will connect with. Empathy heals. Just love us as we are. We’re still here, in emotion and spirit, if only you could find us.” 

-Christine Bryden, Dancing with Dementia