Know Me Well

A KnowMeWellTM profile brings together relevant information about a person such as their interests, language, abilities, their likes and dislikes into an album, booklet, poster or digital story.

I work with clients, carers, families, volunteers  and other relevant organisations and people involved in the care of the client to develop a KnowMeWell profile.

I guide the process as much or as little as wanted or needed and provide the support resources.

The KnowMeWell profile can be used in a variety of settings from home care to respite centres, hospitals and aged care facilities to provide a vital and accessible source of information about a person.

The KnowMeWell profile may provide a stimulating and meaningful activity that encourages communication and connection wherever a person is in their dementia journey.

In situations where there is a turnover of care givers, the KnowMeWell profile enables new carers to see at a glance what is important to the client.

Benefits of a KnowMeWell profile

 Supporting caregivers to:

  • see the person beyond the dementia diagnosis

  • strengthen relationships with the people in their care

  • give suggestions for comfort to a person who is upset or agitated

  • provide ideas for meaningful engagement

  • encourage  social interaction

  • celebrate significant achievements

  • shift the person’s attention onto pleasant memories

  • anticipate and plan how to reduce a person’s anxiety; for example, when moving to a new environment; respite centre, hospital or residential home

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