Lifestory Work

Lifestory Work

Lifestory work sits at the cornerstone of consumer directed care and the new aged care standards.

Lifestory work can encompass many models:

Chronologically written biography, scrap-book album, slideshows,  audio and video formats, memory boards, boxes, stories from images and many more.

I believe that flexibility is the key to providing a meaningful and worthwhile activity and resource. Choosing a model that suits an individual, according to the needs, abilities and interests of the person and his/her situation.

In the early stages of the dementia journey, the person living with dementia is the key active person in telling his or her story, providing rich material for meaningful engagement in reminiscing.

As their journey progresses, family and friends can take a more guiding role and the album, booklet or poster is used more for informing care in providing a start point for conversations and developing relationships of trust with yet unknown carers.

A chronological word-based structure or video will not necessarily suit someone just about to have respite care or go into residential accommodation. How will the busy staff access this information easily? But the key elements of a Lifestory Album can be condensed to a meaningful A4 booklet or poster.


Getting started on Lifestory Work

for individuals, couples, carers and families.

I offer Lifestory resources to create KnowMeWell profile posters and booklets and provide as much training and support as you need to be able to use them.

Resources include templates, questionnaires for key themes, and an activity guide.

Training and support are tailored to your requirements.

Get In Touch if you’d like to know more; we can have a chat and I’ll provide you with a quote.

Lifestory Work sessions can be held in person at a location of your choice if you live in the Alice Springs region.

Outside of Alice Springs we may be able to work by phone, Skype, Facetime or email.

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As my work in aged care changed  – I began to question; How do we pass on key information quickly and effectively in order to promote quality person-centred care?

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